What is Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)?

A vector network analyzer (VNA) is being used to measure the performance of a wireless communications device towards a certain network, design network capacity, and optimise network performance. In other words, it is also called a Spectrum Analyzer. The devices are usually able to generate or receive signals such as antennas, amplifiers, cables, filters, mixers, etc.

The measured “network” is usually a network that we use in our daily life such as 3G, 4G LTE or 5G NR. Wireless LAN and Wifi related devices are also part of the network usually measured by VNA. These devices are being measured to make sure its performance meets the required standards.

Moreover, a vector network analyzer is an equipment that evaluates an electrical network’s transmitting and receiving qualities. For example, transmission lines, capacitors, switches, inductance, and resistors are all network components. Network Analyzers are used to evaluate component specifications and validate design simulations to ensure that systems and their components operate correctly together.

Network and/or protocol analysis is a collection of methodologies used by network engineers and technicians to investigate network aspects such as connection, availability, and effectiveness. Network analysis may be used to determine a current network’s capacity, examine its performance, and plan for future operations and enhancements.

Advanced network analyzers are capable of pattern analysis. This capability enables the network analyzer to sift through hundreds of packets and discover issues. Additionally, the network analyzer may identify likely reasons for these issues and provide suggestions for resolving them.

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We are offering budget-friendly Vector Network Analyzers for the businesses, engineers, researchers, test laboratories, institutes, universities, governmental organizations who would like to perform RF measurements. 


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Where to use Vector Network Analyzer?

Where to use Vector Network Analyzer?

Vector Network Analyzer usually used by parties (researcher or manufacturer) that wish to analyse signal or data traffic on local area networks (LANs) and wireless local area networks (WLANs) generated by their components or products that are related to wireless communications. Component engineers used to measure the performance of circuits or networks such as antennas, amplifiers, cables, filters, mixers, etc.