about us

We are engineers, experts and consultants specialised in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Radio Frequency (RF) and MicroWave (MW) instrumentation, testing, certification, shielded room, anechoic chamber and turn-key laboratory installations.

We are offering one stop solutions for the organizations who have challenges in these fields: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Radio Frequency, Microwave testing. Our solutions are fulfilling the needs of organizations with our partners’ unique products and services. We are shortening the supply process of your test and measurement needs by offering alternative solutions. We are trying to offer solutions that fit your budget. 

EMC, RF and Microwave Testing

Our expertise is on RF, Microwave and EMC testing test system and test chamber supply, testing and certification services, training and consultancy services.  

Our Approach

Offering alternative brands, models and solutions to the industry. 

Our Mission

To be in top 5 RF, Microwave and EMC test systems provider for United States, Canada and Ireland.

Our Vision

Making Radio Frequency (RF), MicroWave(MW) and ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests easier to perform.

Authorized Distributor

Testups is authorized distribuotor of Sanko Technologies Sdn. Bhd. for Bird products in United States and Canada. If you are located in US or Canada, buy from Testups. 


Company Title: Testups, LLC

53 State Street, Suite 500, Boston, MA, 02109, UNITED STATES

ID Number: 001677369

Email: info@testups.com

Testups has also local companies is Canada, Ireland, Hungary, Turkiye and Malaysia.